Partnership with EnergyWise Partners

GeothermalGenius Announces Partnership with EnergyWise Partners
Geothermal works, that is without question. The technology has been around for decades and is in millions of homes. Many curious homeowners wonder just how well it works - so has partnered with EnergyWise Partners to show real family examples.

EnergyWise partners has released a GeothermalGenius version of their geo-monitoring system. The device measures system performance and collects all types of great data. The data collected is synced online so geothermal households can see exactly how well the system is performing and even how much they would have spent with fossil fuels.

“This partnership addresses one of the key barriers to mass market adoption of geothermal heat pump technology, the lack of independent data,” said Josh Kresge GeothermalGenius CEO. “When homeowners investigate these systems there is a lot of hearsay and ambiguous information based on experience of individual homeowners and installers but little independent factual information about their operation in everyday usage in different regions. We want homeowners to have the real data.”

Another significant component of the partnership brings the EnergyWise Partners integrated performance monitoring solutions to the GeothermalGenius network of installers. Delivering real time independent validation of geothermal system performance in a familiar internet based interface, provides a single point of communication between installers and current or future customers to reduce misunderstanding and improve customer relations.

“The emergence of low cost sensors and the ubiquity of always-on internet connection in most residential homes enables each geothermal install to become an online reference for education and sales support , “said Eric Baller, president and CEO of EnergyWise Partners. “ as well as open the market for new service offerings to homeowners for complete peace of mind post sales support.”

The GeothermalGenius and EnergyWise Partners partnership was finalized in October of 2012. The two companies are currently working on several deployments for integration and give tighter focus to the combined product.

About EnergyWise Partners LLC: EnergyWise Partners is an Intellectual Property holding company for residential and small commercial HVAC systems and renewable energy technologies in general. Its goal is to commoditize the use of thermal energy for the home, through system management, monitoring and innovative financial solutions.

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