Kill A Watt Weeklong Free Giveaway!

At, our goal is to promote not only the geothermal heating and cooling industry, but also collective energy efficiency. We strive to create public awareness of the products, companies, and people that are working in conjunction to create a more efficient world. This week, the company is P3 International, the product is the Kill A Watt, and the people are, well, you! For the entirety of the following week (8/18 - 8/24), we’ll be featuring P3’s Kill A Watt in a daily free giveaway!

Before we get to the details of the giveaway, though, let’s first talk about how the Kill-A-Watt can help you to become more efficient in your home or office. Take a minute to watch the video below, which outlines many of its great features!

Pretty cool, huh? We know; that’s why we’re partnering with P3 to give seven lucky winners a free Kill A Watt! Not only is it a great tool for those who are looking to cut electricity costs, but it’s also an energy saver! And, let’s face it; it’s a pretty awesome toy for dad (or mom) to play around with. Not to mention, it retails for $59.99 at RadioShack.

Okay, onto the details of the giveaway. For the next seven days, you’ll be able to enter to win a free Kill A Watt, courtesy of P3 and

The instructions to enter are as follows:

There are several steps that you can take to give yourself the absolute best chances of winning one of the seven Kill A Watts. Entrants should try to complete steps 1-4 (if possible), while step 5 is an optional bonus. The number in parentheses after each step represents the added chance of winning that an entrant will receive after completing each respective step.

1. Answer the question about geothermal provided below (required) (+4)
2. Like Geothermal Genius on Facebook (+2)
3. Follow Geothermal Genius on Twitter (+2)
4. Give our HOMEPAGE a +1 using your Google account (button at top of homepage) (+3)
5. Once a follower, RETWEET our current tweet to all of your followers! (optional) (+4)

Generally, the more steps you complete, the better your chance to win! That said, don’t fret if you can’t complete something! As long as you fill out the form below and provide an answer to the question, you’ll be entered to win. Also, you only need to enter once for the entire week. Additional entries will not give you a better chance of winning.

Once you’ve completed the form with the required information, just sit back and keep an eye on this page, which we’ll update with each day’s winner throughout the week. The winners, once chosen, will be contacted through the contact information that they’ve provided, so make sure it’s valid! The Kill A Watt will be shipped out within one week of this notification. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see who’s won thus far!

Fill out the form below to enter.

If you liked us on Facebook, or followed us on Twitter, please enter your Facebook name and/or Twitter ID in the fields provided. Thanks, and good luck! promises that all personal information that you provide will be used exclusively for this giveaway and not sold or redistributed for commercial use. The question that you answer may be referenced in a future blog post.

The Winners

Day 1: Patricia Lamagno of Illinois

Day 2: Whitney Liu of California

Day 3: Martin Rudman of South Dakota

Day 4: Michael Uhl of Maryland

Day 5: Mike Spina of Michigan

Day 6: Allison Devray of Kentucky

Day 7: Stephen Donaldson of Kentucky

Congratulations to all of our winners! Remember, you can still enter to win in our bi-weekly Kill A Watt giveaway! Thanks for supporting!

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  2. Eugene Marchiori says:

    I am sort of disappointed that I only just discovered your blog a week ago. But, I have added you to my Google Reader, right next to my own feeds, plus in between a couple Arbitron feeds. Keep feeding my brain. Many thanks

  3. Thanks for making me a winner! My Baltimore roommates have already run through the house using the KillAWatt meter on printers, coffee machines, lamps, and laptops. My local school is likely to be next when we discuss entering the Home Energy Education Challenge ( I have used this before in classrooms and the learning is instant.

    Thanks Geothermal Genius.

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