Install Geothermal; Retain Aesthetics

Although geothermal installations are typically associated aesthetically with torn-up yards, dirty machinery, and a long, drawn-out grass-regrowing project, retaining the visual appeal of your home after the installation is completely feasible. Obviously, there’s no getting around the dirty work. It needs to be done. Yes, there will be large machinery in your yard. Yes, the contractor needs to dig deep into the ground. And yes, there’s a possibility that you’ll need to buy a few bags of grass seed to remedy the suface of the installation site. It’s important to remember, though, that each of these “eye sores” is only momentary relative to the lifetime of your system. It’s a ‘here one day, gone the next’ kind of thing.

geothermal aesthetics

The long-term external aesthetic implications of a geothermal system are minimal and positive, if anything. How? Well, unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, a geothermal system leaves no equipment visible outside of your home. From the snaking loop field to the opening in your foundation that permits the exterior and interior portions connectivity, it’s all underground. No buzzing outdoor units or ugly pipes and wires. Internally, the geothermal heat pump itself hardly lends itself to being an aesthetic burden. In most cases, it’s kept in a basement or garage - out of the way of the everyday happenings of a bustling household. Not to mention, it’s no more of a burden to the eyes than a washer or dryer - just a piece of equipment that’s necessary to facilitate comfortable living.

There are plenty of homeowners that will pay testament to the fact that their geothermal installations have no long-term, negative effects on their homes’ aesthetic appeal. See how one couple, in Nashville, Tennessee, was able to incorporate a geothermal system (and other green building techniques) in their new home construction while also capturing the historic look embodied by other homes in their neighborhood. If you care to read the article, you’ll find that they also rave about the cost benefits of the system (which, if you think about it, gives you more money to invest into aesthetic improvements). If you’ve had a geothermal installation, leave us a comment about your experience as it pertains to the visual appeal of your home/yard. Thanks!

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