Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Howdy, folks! As you well know, the holiday season is in full swing. While most of you probably have your gifts selected, purchased, wrapped, and tucked neatly under the tree, there are those of us who can’t seem to get through December without procrastinating. For the procrastinators among us, it’s crunch time. Luckily, the stores are still open and overnight shipping is still an option! Today, we’ll take a look at three green gifts that will help you save energy without breaking the bank. We hope to spark a few ideas before it’s too late!

1. Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Monitor

First at the plate we have a product with which we’re very familiar - the Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Monitor. This thing literally saves you money. Whether it’s the downstairs freezer, the dehumidifier in the garage apartment, or the HD television in the kitchen, we can’t help but be curious about how much money we’re spending on powering different appliances throughout our homes. The Kill A Watt answers the call. Simply plug it into an outlet near the appliance that you’re looking to measure and plug the appliance into the Kill A Watt monitor. The rest is history. The LED screen will tell you how much power you’re using to operate each respective appliance, from which you can find the monthly cost of doing so. Pretty cool, huh? You can order it online from Energy Circle.

2. Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector

This is an absolutely perfect stocking stuffer for this coming Christmas. In a previous post, we discussed several ways to save energy this winter - sealing leaks and drafts being one one them. This little toy will help you locate spots that are relatively cold or hot compared to the norm, enabling you to target and address areas where cold air is permeating the insulation in your home. It also comes with a handy little booklet for all of your instructional needs. Like the Kill A Watt, you can purchase it online from Energy Circle.

green gift ideas

3. Hand Crank Rechargeable Shaver

Alright, first of all, we’ll admit - this is a little unconventional. But hey, sometimes saving energy means being unconventional. We’re willing to have some fun being weird for the sake of the environment, aren’t we? Anyways, this thing is actually pretty cool. It is what it sounds like - a shaver that’s charged with a hand crank. For every one minute of winding, you get two minutes of shaving. Nothing like getting a little workout before a fresh shave, huh? Oh, yeah; if you’d rather, you can charge it using a USB, as well, which takes roughly 45 minutes for a full charge. You can purchase this online from EarthTech Products. Take advantage of their holiday sale while you still can!

Well, that’s all we have for today. We hope that we managed to inspire a little creativity in the gift idealess among you. We should see you again before Christmas, but if we don’t, have a very merry time with your friends and family! Geothermal to all, and to all a comfortable night!

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