The GHPsRUS Project

Since we started, we’ve strived to accomplish many things in the name of geothermal heating and cooling. Chiefly, our goal has been to increase public awareness of the technology and its many financial and environmental benefits. We believe that geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), if implemented in all situations where the benefits outweigh the costs, have potential to positively impact the HVAC markets in the United States and Canada. While more and more GHPs are being installed throughout North America, we’ve yet to see a large shift from conventional HVAC systems where it makes sense. But what if we could? What if we could see the full impact of a wide scale implementation of geothermal heat pumps throughout North America?

Thanks to the ‘Geothermal heat pumps are U.S.‘ (or GHPsRUS) project, there’s a very good chance that we will. The project, supported by the United States Department of Energy, will be a three-year endeavor conducted by Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. and the California Geothermal Energy Collaborative. The goal of this venture is to seek out answers to the many questions that homeowners, contractors, manufacturers and green energy enthusiasts have about the potential of large-scale geothermal heat pump installation.


If you’re a contractor, designer, driller, manufacturer, supplier, or homeowner, you can help! Visit the GHPsRUS website to learn more about the project and see how YOU can contribute! We’d like to take this opportunity to publicly voice our enthusiasm for the project, as well. It’s great to show homeowners how much they can save on an individual level - don’t get us wrong. However, it’s perhaps more encouraging to see how the individual installations benefit the national market, as well as the environment. We’re confident that this project will yield results that prove that the whole is as great as the sum of its parts. We’ll keep you updated with new developments as they come!

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