Geothermal Users: Win Free Air Conditioning for Summer 2011!

For our first blog post on the new site, we figured we’d give a last call of attention to our “Free AC Beneath Your Feet Sweepstakes,” a great chance for geothermal users to win free air conditioning for summer 2011!  How do you qualify?  Simply write a testimonial on telling us about your experience with geothermal heating and cooling, and you’ll be automatically entered to win!  The winner will receive compensation (up to $2000) for their air conditioning bills for the months of June, July, and August.  You need to hurry, though!  The winning testimonial will be drawn on August 15, 2011, after which the winner will be notified. We encourage all geothermal contractors to notify your customers. We don’t want anyone missing out on the opportunity!

So, just to recap, these are the requirements that you must meet to be entered to win:

  • Have an existing geothermal system in your residence
  • Write a testimonial on telling us about your experience with geothermal
  • Wait to see if you’re the lucky winner!  (drawing will be on August 15, 2011)

Enter now - write a geothermal testimonial!

free air conditioninggeothermal testimonial map

Why are we doing this?  Well, if you’re willing to help us in promoting geothermal heating and cooling as a viable source of renewable energy, we’re eager to give you a chance at a great reward!  Your testimonials help us to spread geothermal industry awareness and increase consumer confidence in geothermal heat pumps, which is ultimately one of the primary goals of GeothermalGenius. This past winter, we were happy to provide drawing winners, Dale and Linda Binkley of Landenberg, PA, electric bill compensation for the entire winter.  So, yeah, this isn’t our first rodeo, and it certainly won’t be our last!  If you don’t win this time around, you’ll have a chance at winning the “Free Heat Beneath Your Feet Sweepstakes” this coming winter!

Geothermal contractors, as was mentioned previously, we strongly encourage you to pass the word along to your customers.  Not only will they benefit, but you will, as well!  Included with each testimonial is the contractor or installation company that did the geothermal installation.  Obviously, this is a great way to get geo-targeted exposure in your area for future geothermal installations.  Check out the picture below for example!

geothermal contractor map

For more information on the sweepstakes, feel free to read the full Free Heat Sweepstakes Rules.

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  1. This may not be the best place to ask this,but, I want ac service. A company is located close to me but i can not find many reviews on them. Thanks guys!

  2. Matthew Egan says:

    I’ve read several great testimonials on Geothermal Heating and cooling and I’ve only read really great stuff. There are so many benefits.

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