From the Comfort of a Geothermal Home

From the comfort of his geothermal home, Dan Deweese, winner of our summer “Free AC Beneath Your Feet” sweepstakes, was kind enough to share with us his family’s experience with geothermal heating and cooling. Take a few minutes to read his story and see how the benefits of geothermal go beyond the environment and green living. We can promise that you’ll enjoy it!

Installation: May 2010

Cost: $18,000

Results: 40% reduction in Electric Usage, 75% reduction in Natural Gas Usage

Payback: In four years, cost equal installation of conventional high-efficiency system. In eight more years, system will have paid for itself completely. After that, the system is paying us!

Comfort level: Great improvement over our outdated, underpowered conventional system. Now we can afford to be comfortable in our home.

geothermal home

Like many homeowners across the United States, Dan needed a heating and cooling system that was both efficient and effective, not just one or the other.  In the face of the steep up front cost of creating a geothermal home, Dan reasoned with reason, finding that in several years or less, the geothermal system would be paying him and his family, rather than the other way around. Obviously, it was still a commitment - a commitment that Dan and his family are happy that they made today.  

To read a more detailed account of Dan’s experience, click here.

As is illustrated by this example, doubt is certainly a commonality between homeowners who are new to geothermal. However, once you take the time to calculate your potential savings, the initial costs might not seem so astronomical. Obviously, you’ll want to be in the financial position to make the commitment, and there are many financing options to help you “get to” that point. The idea here is to make sure that you explore all avenues of possibility before you’re too quick to rule out a geothermal installation. With the 30% Federal Tax Credit and various state incentives, it is, now more than ever, a perfectly viable option. There will always be doubt - just ask Dan and his family. Overcoming that doubt, though, can result in years of comfortable living in a home heated and cooled by a system that’s paying you.

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