Geothermal Heating and Cooling: The New Emergence of an Old Technology

With the onset of the digital age, many people assume that the technology behind geothermal heating and cooling is yet another recent development.  However, the concept behind geothermal heating has been around since prehistoric times, and is often referred to as “caveman technology.” Before becoming domesticated, our prehistoric ancestors often made their dwellings within caves.  This chosen spot was no coincidence. Carved into the earth, caves provided that ancient people with a constant temperature all year long, despite the changing outside climate. In the summer the cave provided a cool dwelling, while in the winter the rock retained heat and kept the primitive people warm. Geothermal heat pumps borrow the ancient idea of heating and cooling, modernizing it for the 21st century.

If the technology is so established, why haven’t I heard about it before?

While the concept of geothermal heating has been around for a hundred thousand years, the geothermal heat pumps were first developed over 50 years ago. Recently, interest in the geothermal heating industry has spiked, as people are looking for new affordable and green ways to heat their households.

While the installation of geothermal heat pumps has seen a drastic increase in recent years, solar and wind energy solutions still dominate the alternative energy market. Geothermal heat pumps have flown under the radar for a number of reasons including poor marketing and lack of a previous need.

Lack of Marketing

Because geothermal heat pump technology has been around for so long, new installations and uses do not make the headlines. Wind turbines and solar panels are relatively new technologies, resulting in a great deal of news coverage and town talk. Also, the geothermal heat pump industry has always lacked a central informative hub. This is why we created, to create a central location for all information relating to geothermal heat pumps.

Lack of a Previous Need

Twenty or thirty years ago burning gas, oil and coal was cheap, effective, and a simple solution to all of our energy needs. Global warming was still a highly debated topic and we were not fully aware of the limited supply of natural resources. Therefore, thirty years ago the though of installing a pricey geothermal heat pumped seemed ludicrous with the option of installing a furnace and paying the low price for natural resources.

However, as we know, heating and cooling our homes with gas and coal is no longer the economical route, not to mention the harm caused to the environment by burning these natural resources. Go Green is the new motto of society and a geothermal heat pump is an effective and economical way to become eco-friendly. Geothermal Genius is here to spread the word about an established technology with new-aged advantages: the geothermal heat pump.

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  3. Matthew Egan says:

    I really like the reference to cave men, it’s true how far technology has come, but interesting to compare history. Life is certainly easier today, but we can continue to evolve in a healthy way that is good for the environment and keeps us cool and comfortable.

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