Geothermal Makes Apartments More Affordable

Howdy, folks! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! Thus far (on our Geothermal Heating and Cooling blog), we’ve discussed how geoexchange systems can be implemented in a variety of building and structure types. We’ve looked at geothermal in schools, geothermal sidewalks, greenhouse geothermal, and (of course) your run-of-the-mill heat pump in a home. That’s the great thing about geo - it’s versatile! So where else are geothermal heat pumps being utilized? If you guessed ‘geothermal apartments‘, you’re right on! Let’s dig a little deeper.


Geothermal in Apartment Buildings

Recently, one of the oldest apartment buildings in Omaha, Nebraska got a green makeover. The Margaret apartment building (shown above), which is nearly a century old and is listed as a National Historic Landmark, underwent a series of renovations that saw the heating and cooling system switch entirely to geothermal. So, why did they do it? According to the article from KETV, the owners expect that residents will be able to keep as much as $100 extra in their pockets each month. While we’re obviously not surprised, it’s still a great thing to see. This story is a testament to the fact that, while geothermal isn’t necessarily for everybody, it’s something that should be considered by everybody as a viable heating and cooling option. Look at this place! It’s almost 100 years old, and it was able to make the necessary renovations to accomodate a heat pump system! If they can do it, anyone can do it.

Change Does Not Compromise Tradition

Now, you may be thinking - “Doesn’t adding a geothermal system in such a historically significant building almost mar its tradition?” While that might be a reasonable concern, it’s one that’s pretty easily refutable. While tradition is great as is, it reserves the right to change with the times. In other words, maintaining the status quo of the past should never take precedence over adapting to what is best for today. The owners of the Margaret, like other old building owners who have implemented solar panels, geothermal, or other green technology, have done what is in the best interest of the preservation of the building and the pockets of its residents - not to mention, the environment. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the right way to think!

Thanks to KETV for providing the great story (and picture)! We wish the best to the Margaret and other apartment buildings making the move to geothermal!

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