It's a fact. Geothermal energy is the least expensive energy source available today. A geothermal system installed in your Maryland home uses the free, renewable energy found beneath your own backyard to save you up to 65% on heating, cooling, and hot water costs.

$1,800 Rebate for Maryland Residents* New July 1, 2014

Also, you should know that there is no sales tax on geothermal heat pumps in Maryland, and your heat pump won’t increase your property taxes.

Maryland has a number of rebate and loan programs to install your new Geothermal System in your home: 

Personal Tax Credit
Property Tax Incentive
Sales Tax Incentive
The Federal incentive covers 30% of the expenditures in the year the incentive is taken, up to a cap of $2,000 if the property was installed prior to January 1, 2009. Qualifying geothermal heat pump property installed after December 31, 2008 is eligible for 30% of the installed cost without a cap, as provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 (ARRA) . The incentive is available for taxpayers installing qualifying equipment at their primary residence or a second home, but not for a rental property.  This incentive is available till December 2016.

To qualify, tax payers will need to have evidence regarding:
  • the cost of the system,
  • when it was placed in service

MD Geothermal Testimonials

Anonymous from Owings Mills says:
I\'m saving 60% on my heating bills and no longer burning 1000 gallons of heating oil a year.
Installed by: Groundloop

Anonymous from Bryantown says:
Yes I have had the WaterFurnace system in my house for 10 years and have enjoyed the comfort and the ease of cost to use, I would reccomend this system to anyone looking to save on utility cost and add comfort to your home. Southern Pride Service installed my system
Installed by: Southern Pride Service

Mike Borawski from La Plata says:
Have been in our house for 3 1/2 years . We have enjoyed the comfort of both heating and air cond. Have not had any problems with the system since it was installed. Would suggest this product to any one looking to have one installed, and wanting to save on electricity cost. Southern Pride Servive did the complete install from duct work to the digging of the trench for the geo piping. Thanks SPS
Installed by: Southern Pride Service

Robert Welch from La Plata says:
We have been using the Geo Thermal heating and cooling for the past 9 years. It has been reasonable on electricity and is comfortable type of heat and colling. We are very satisfied so far.
Installed by: La Plata

Robert Welch from La Plata says:
We have been using GEO heating and cooling for the past 9 year and are very satisfied with the elctric bill and the comfort of the heat and cooling in our home.
Installed by: Southern Pride Service

Matt Dove from Laytonsville says:
We recently had our geothermal unit installed and already we are in love with it. The installation was painless and the unit runs very quiet. We set the tempature and that is it. No longer do we have to worry about freon levels or condensation issues. we have a 3 ton system and it keeps our 2500 sf house at a perfect temp.
Installed by: Parrish Services