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Banner Ad FAQ's | Referral FAQ's

How many people visit

50,000+ Page Views per month. The true value of this traffic is that its highly qualified traffic. This means that people find their way to the site because they are actually searching for alternative heating and cooling methods or doing research on geothermal.

How does the site know where visitors are located?

The system uses a sophisticated process which uses IP addresses to locate people then calculates a distance from your companies address. If they are within range it knows to display your banner. There a very few instances where an ad is wrongfully omitted.

What if there is more than one contractor in an area for a banner ad?

Ads automatically rotate evenly.

Where does my banner ad link to?

Your company url or any specific url provided during sign up. When a visitor clicks it will open in a new window. Clicks to the banners are not tracked on your behalf however you can easily do this using your own analytics.

Do I need to create the banner?

No. A banner which reflects your logo will be created by our graphics team. See examples below.

What kind of companies can join?

Contractors, Drillers (Loopers), and Suppliers.

What if my company has more than one location?

We will list up to two locations for the base price. If you want more than two locations listed you will need to sign up and pay for an additional banner ad.

What if I change my mind?

Cancel anytime. A prorated refund will be issued.

Referral FAQ's

Where do referrals come from?

When local homeowners who visit are ready for a quote they either complete the form found under 'Find a Contractor' or call the Hotline Phone Number 855-906-4GEO.

Forms Valid Form Entries are emailed to you. The form entries are not simply customer information - the form is purposely thorough to ensure entries are real opportunities... for example if a person indicates they are a renter they would not be referred to you. If someone indicated they did not want a quote at this time they would not be referred to you.

Phone The hot line 855-906-4GEO routes calls by zip code directly to the number you provide. No verbal pre-qualification is done at this time however the stated purpose of the hotline is for those who need a quote. In the event a customer calls who is either not in your area or not interested in geothermal you would not be billed for that referral.

Are referrals exclusive?

Customers are only referred to one contractor at a time. The only exception is if the homeowner requests to be contact by more than one contractor. This means you should expect to be the only contractor making contact with a homeowner, unlike some services which sell the customers information 5-10 times. If someone chooses to be contacted by multiple contractors you can see this information in the email notification.

Are territories exclusive?

Service area's are divided by county. A higher priority level can be obtained. Referrals go out in a round-robin format by county, if a contractor chooses priority pricing they will be first in line. For example, if a person calls in wanting a quote, and there are two contractors in the same county then the one with priority pricing would receive the referral. If both contractors elect priority then it would alternate in a round robin format. Exclusivity on a particular county are permitted only with a term commitment and separate agreement.

How is it billed?

A $300 Credit Deposit is required to get started (credit card only). This is your opening account balance which will be used for the first handful of referrals. When your account balance goes below $50 your account will be auto-billed another $300. Anytime your account is due for billing you will receive a report which shows all referrals. Your account balance is available anytime by emailing

What about tracking?

Good question. There is a record of every referral. For form entries you'll have an email, for phone calls there will be a full call recording (which is emailed to you upon conclusion of the call). These records are compiled into one report each time your account balance is refilled.

What if the referral is no good?

If a referral is not an real opportunity you will not be billed for it. Simply email with a copy of the referral and your request to remove it. Examples of this are for bad form entries (invalid phone number or email address), wrong phone numbers, telemarketers, or homeowners who are not within your service area.

A referral is an opportunity, it is NOT a guaranteed sale. There is no guarantee of business to be derived from referrals. It is to be excepted that many referrals will not mature into paying customers for your business, especially given the long sales cycle of a geothermal system. The conversion rate and profit from a successful (paying) referral are up-to the contractor to track and analyze. If a contractor is not experiencing a satisfactory rate of return he may cancel at anytime.

Why should I give it a try?

It's pay for performance with no commitment.

The average cost for a geothermal lead using Google Adwords is over $200.00

It's likely co-op able by your distributor and/or manufacturer!

Conversion rates are excellent according to our long term partners

You may have already received referrals from through your equipment manufacture. In previous years referrals where distributed by manufacturer partners and GG referrals accounted for more than half of all lead production of a leading manufacturer.

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