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Free Heat Beneath Your Feet" Sweepstakes Launched to Spur Awareness of GeoExchange

Current geothermal heat pump consumers can enter to win electric bill compensation by sharing their experience with a geothermal heat pump

PITTSBURGH, Pa- GeothermalGenius, a company committed to increasing awareness for the geothermal heat pump industry, announced today the launch of the "Free Heat Beneath Your Feet" Sweepstakes, providing one lucky homeowner electric compensation for an entire winter.

Property owners who use geoexchange to heat and cool their home can post a testimonial on to be automatically entered to win electric bill compensation for an entire winter.

Contest Details

• Property owners with geothermal heat pumps can log onto to submit their testimonial

• All entrants receive a free mailbox sticker

• On November 15th 2010 a random drawing will be held at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pa and the Grand Prize Winner will be notified.

• The Grand Prize Winner will receive electric bill compensation for the entirety of the winter: December 21st 2010-March 21st 2011

• The Grand Prize Winner will submit copies of their electric bills to GeothermalGenius be reimbursed 100% (up to $2,000).

Click here for complete sweepstakes rules

We have found that homeowners who currently use geothermal heat pumps are very enthusiastic about sharing their success stories," said GeothermalGenius CEO Joshua Kresge. "We want to reward residential geothermal users who help spread the word about this green technology." Solar panels and wind turbines are massive structures that can be seen miles away, but because geothermal heat pumps are installed underground it is difficult to show just how practical they are as a renewable energy resource.

As a geothermal installer, I am very excited about what they [Geothermal Genius] are doing," said Martin Gorman, owner of Sinton Air. "The industry really needs this boost to get people on board with geothermal heat pumps. They need to be just as widely accepted as solar panels and wind turbines."

In conjunction with GeothermalGenius's commitment to a greener America, the "Free Heat Beneath Your Feet" Sweepstakes provides current geothermal heat pump users the motivation to share their experiences with ground source heat pumps.

About GeothermalGenius.

GeothermalGenius is a start-up company founded by Joshua Kresge, a 2010 Carnegie Mellon University graduate, with support from Idea Foundry. GeothermalGenius is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint through the support of alternative energy solutions, particularly geothermal heat

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