Manitoba Geothermal

Manitoba has become a major leader in earth energy systems also known as geothermal or ground source heat pumps. We are an activity hub for North American geothermal installations. These systems provide the lowest cost heating and cooling in the world. Instead of burning fossil fuels or powering an electric element, a pump moves heat into or out of the ground. The only ongoing cost is electricity to run the pump and circulate the hot or cool air. By installing a geothermal system, average homes could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by five tonnes each year.

Manitoba now has between 25% and 30% of all geothermal system installations in the country and 56% of Canada's geothermal installers are trained in Manitoba.

Manitoba Financial Incentives to go Geothermal

The Province of Manitoba currently offers two types of incentives to encourage the use of geothermal for heating and cooling:

  • GREEN ENERGY EQUIPMENT TAX CREDIT  A refundable Manitoba tax credit is available for the installation of eligible geothermal equipment to most residential and commercial buildings.
    The tax credit can be claimed through the income tax system either on the individual T1 income tax return or the corporate T2 income tax return. Individuals, corporations and not for profit organizations can apply for the tax credit. For more information or assistance on the Tax Credit contact The Manitoba Tax Assistance Office or see
  • MANITOBA INCENTIVE GRANT  A provincial grant of $1000 for eligible geothermal installations in new residential homes within natural gas service areas.
    A provincial grant for eligible new district geothermal systems up to $150,000. A district system must serve a minimal of three buildings along with other requirements.
    • Financing up to $20,000
    • Maximum term: 15 years
    • Interest rate: 4.9%(initial 5-year fixed term)
    • Available for new installations and retrofits.
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