British Columbia Geothermal

Geothermal heating and cooling uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool homes and businesses with 40% to 70% less energy than conventional systems. While conventional furnaces and boilers burn a fuel to generate heat, geothermal heat pumps use electricity to simply move heat from the earth into buildings, allowing much higher efficiencies. The most efficient fuel-burning heater can reach efficiencies around 95%, but a geothermal heat pump can move up to 4 units of heat for every unit of electricity needed to power the system, resulting in a practical equivalence of over 400% efficiency.

British Columbia Financial Incentives to Go Geothermal

Tens of thousands of British Columbians have showed their commitment to home energy efficiency through their participation in the LIveSmartBC Efficiency Incentive Program. The program was such a success that the program has been extended in partnership with provincial utility providers. BC Hydro and FortisBC. You can join your neighbours across BC who are saving money and reducing their energy use by accessing these incentives.

BC Homeowners who get an energy audit one on their home can be eligible for up to $2500 for the installation of a geothermal heat pump system that is certified by CGC. There are many other energy efficiency upgrades that qualify for grant money as well.

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