Geothermal Loop Fields - No Drill Rigs


Geothermal heating and cooling is the most energy efficient way to both heat and cool your home on the planet.  Homeowners who want to take advantage of this awesome energy source under their feet have to accept some level of disruption in their landscaping… or do they?

NexGen Energy located in Central Minnesota has a different method for installing geothermal loops, which are simply the underground pipe that exchanges the heat with the ground.  Homeowners can now have geothermal loops installed right from their basement rather than tearing up their yard with boreholes and trenches.  According to Jackson Motzko, Design Engineer NexGen Energy, “This is the cleanest installation on the market and it is also more cost effective”.

Traditionally loop fields average $2200/ton in MN, and there are usually other fees, such as cleanup.  The NexGen Energy loop fields average $1700 per ton.

On top of the cost, there is one other inherent benefit to installing your system in your basement: manifold access.  Traditional loop fields bring all of the loops together at a manifold that is buried underground so they only need to bring two pipes through your basement wall into your home.  The NexGen Energy loops are terminated at a manifold right when the loops come out of the ground.  This means that you have year-round access to the loops for maintenance or expansion purposes.  If you do choose to expand the size of your system in the future (new addition, heating the garage, adding hot water, etc.), all you need to do in install another loop and add it to the manifold.  Other systems would require digging up the manifold again, which is typically just as costly as installing the initial system.

If you are a homeowner that would like to install a geothermal system using the NexGen Energy loop installation system or a contractor and you would like to learn how you can start installing this new style of loop field for your customers, please contact NexGen through

Please note that the NexGen Process is exclusive to Minnesota at this point in time so most homeowners hoping to have this type of install will need to stick to the traditional loop field installations.

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  1. Geothermal Pro says:

    I really like the idea of the manifold being accessible. I have bumped into more then a few customers who wanted to build an addition on to their home but the cost involved in digging up the manifold to expand the HVAC system either stalled the project or killed it completely. Is removing dirt from the drilling ever a problem?

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