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Furnace Replacement in a Pinch

My Furnace is Dying, What are my options? The furnace service technician has just left your house and he left you with terrible news – your furnace needs to be replaced. While the threat of having no heat tomorrow morning can cause you to make a haste decision about replacing your furnace, remember this is a decision that you only make once every 15 years. Its time to put some thought into what it best for you in the future.   Can you afford to pay high-energy bills for another few decade ...

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Geothermal Bait & Switch

Your quest to find a greener, more efficient home heating and cooling system led you to geothermal. A company comes on an initial consultation to give you a quote and when they leave you feel as if you’ve been talked out of geothermal… but why? While all situations are unique there are a few things to be aware of during your contractor search. If you hear any of the following you might be dealing with a contractor who advertises geothermal but doesn’t truly plan on installing it. Thi ...

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